Born out of the necessity for greater less lethal stand-off distances; Paradigm Tactical Systems, was established to provide law enforcement agents, as well as law abiding people across the globe, the ability to leverage both time and space.

As with most of today's 68 cal. less lethal equipment, our origins derive from the paintball market. Many of our competitors in the LL market try to cloak this fact in a vail of shame or embarrassment; however, the truth is all of the equipment is a derivative of the paintball space. We at Paradigm don't run from this lineage; infact, we embrace it!

Since 2010, Paradigm's sister company has been researching, developing, and refining pneumatic air systems that push the envelope of accuracy and range. Most of our technology used in the less lethal space has been proven through the abusive use of hundreds of players all over the globe. Rain, snow, freezing temperatures, or hot humid summer conditions; refined for reliability in sport, optimized to deliver results when life threatened.


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